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Welcome to Youn Wha Ryu Tae Sool Martial Arts Academy.  
Part of the World Tae Sool Association.

Mr. Steve DiFiore is the Senior 
Instructor at the Statesville and Salisbury schools.  Instructor Steve holds a black belt and is a certified

Youn Wha Ryu Tae Sool Instructor.

     Youn Wha Ryu school of Martial Arts

We are proud of our family atmosphere and welcome you to come by and check us out.  Youn Wha Ryu Tae Sool Martial Arts is one of the leading Martial Arts Academy located in North Carolina.  Teaching Martial Arts and self-defense in an exciting and easy to learn manner.   We firmly believe that Martial Arts is much more than just kicking and punching.  Whether you’re interested in health & fitness, mental focus & clarity, personal safety, improved discipline, stress release or inner peace, Youn Wha Ryu Tae Sool Martial Arts has a program to suit your needs and lifestyle.  So everyone is certain to find a style that matches their needs and ability. Tae Kwon Do is considered a basis for Youn Wha Ryu Tae Sool and it can be learned by nearly anyone.  This is why Tae Kwon Do was incorporated into Youn Wha Ryu Tae Sool.  However, Youn Wha Ryu Tae Sool is complex and requires several years of basic Martial Arts training before its concepts can be understood.  Training in the Youn Wha Ryu Tae Sool system students are well equipped to deal with any fighting method they may encounter.

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Thank you and welcome to our web site.  My name is Mr. Steve DiFiore and the Senior Instructor.
Youn Wha Ryu Tae Sool Martial Arts is a traditional and complex self-defense system that goes beyond "kicking and punching." Students learn practical self-defense concepts that focus on increasing reaction, timing, speed and full-body power. The comprehensive curriculum includes the most effective and efficient techniques from Kung Fu, Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Hwarang Do, Jiu-Jitsu, Aikido, Judo, Hapkido, Kendo, and others. The dynamic classes combine both aerobic and anaerobic training and encourage the development of self-discipline, perseverance, balance, agility, coordination, flexibility and total-body strength. Training can be modified as needed for students to be able to participate regardless of age and ability level. The traditional family-oriented martial arts classes are approximately one-hour in length and follow a structured format.   Each class focuses on the six training principles:
                   Be Polite                         Be Patient                            Be Alert                         
                   Be Brave                         Do Your Best                    Respect Yourself and Others

Rank promotion is an option for students who train consistently, learn all the required rank level curriculum, and receive instructor's recommendation. Promotional testings are judged by Youn Wha Ryu Tae Sool Association Master level instructors.

                          No matter Your Goals We Have a Reason for You to Train:

                            Womens Self  Defense & Safety

Self esteem

                             Weight loss


                            Cardiovascular training


                             Muscle definition


                             Self defense


                                      We have it all and can tailor your training to meet your individual goals.


· Be Polite

· Be Patient

· Be Alert

· Be Brave

· Do Your Best

· Respect Yourself & Others

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