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Circle Chest Guard  $39.95
TKD Side Kick Sports Bag
Chest Guard  $44.95 
Red or Blue
2ea. Escrimas black/silver  $10
Shield, Two Hand Target, Double Hand Paddle
Foam Shield in Black, Blue or Red
Lighting Double Hand Paddle
Youn Wha Ryu Handbooks
Curriculum Handbooks


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Head Guard  $29.95
Leather open palm Gloves

Fist/Forearm guard  $14.95
Black or White
TKD Jump Kick Sports Bag
Student Reference Manual
Single Mouthguard  $2
Belts  $7
Square Hand Target
Self Defense DVDs

TKD White uniforms


TKD Black uniforms


White or Black uniform


Lightweight white uniform


Cloth shin instep guards black or white


Mouthguard Cases  $2

TKD Side Kick Tournament Bag


TKD Jump Kick Tournament Bag


Yin Yang Logo Hooded Sweatshirt


TKD Logo Hooded Sweatshirt
Customize Design Hoodies.  
Add your schools name on the back.

For $4 more add your name on the 
top front right of the hoodie.